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诚聚汽车Online是一家美国初创互联网公司主营二手车交易与服务,致力于连接普通大众消费者与美国二手车一级市场。通过诚聚汽车Online的网站,普通消费者可以直接浏览和挑选各大汽车品牌原厂精品二手车源,从而达到跳过线下多重经销商最大化性价比的目的。其相关联的线下汽车连锁品牌DBA“CJ Auto Group”在California, Arizona, Illinois均设有实体展示店 。诚聚汽车计划在未来2-3年在全美主要核心城市开设线下维护中心,主营维修,改装,保养等汽车周边业务。打造真正意义上“线上购车,线下维护”的o2o购车新模式。

职位:Marketing Specialist Intern
工作时间:Estimated 3-5 hour per week
– 作为公司代表参加各类本地的活动
– 学习美国汽车市场规则,相关法律法规,汽车平台运营模式等

Job Description
The Marketing Specialist Intern will be primarily responsible for overseeing and evaluating market research and adjusting sales and marketing strategy to meet changing market and competitive conditions.

– Assists in monitoring and maintaining the community’s appearance mainly over internet and social media.
– Promoting brand image and explain to customers how our business model can help them find the most cost-effective car.
– Generate lead to assigned customer service specialist or direct customer to use online chatting system.
– Perform all other steps of the post-sales process in accordance with company standards.


– Bachelor degree or current students with more than six months of study in the United States.
– Must have a valid driver’s license.
– Proficient in English and Mandarin.
– CPT eligible.

– Working remotely ( multiple phone call conferences may be required every month ).
– Commission based no upper limit.
– One on one training and opportunities to learn about the insights and trend of the auto industry.
– Reimbursement of transportation and all other necessary cost.
– Rotational program among all locations during long holidays.
– Representing company to attend local events and activities.

(完整版Job Description详见学校官网招聘页面,搜索Handshake Job ID#1218252)

感兴趣的小伙伴请将简历发送至hr@en.b4dealer.com或者扫取以下微信二维码,注明姓名+Marketing Intern

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